Service agreement

  Welcome to use offline box software products
  This agreement is and the user zhangzhou day network technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "day princes") between about users to download, install, use, copy, with the agreement is attached, days of software agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "software").
  Use offline box any service that is said to accept all the terms of this agreement. This agreement applies to any offline box service, including this agreement within the time limit of services used by the user and the software upgrade and update.
  1 right statement
  This "service" all the intellectual property rights, besides the content of the users to upload and spread, offline box service and all its elements, including but not limited to all content, data, technology, software, code, user interface and the relevant minister all any derivative works and so on are all day by the copyright law and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property rights protection laws and regulations.
  2. User information
  2.1 service offline box is a provide users upload space and information storage technology and cloud computing service platform, through offline box technology to provide users with personal data storage, management and sharing and synchronization service online. Offline box service itself does not directly upload, content, content is not making any changes to the user or editing.
  2.2 software changes and upgrades: Tince keep providing users with modification, upgrade version of the right of the software.
  2.3 products binding: users in this agree, in order to improve the user experience, Tince shall have the right to Tince binding other company related products in the software for the user to download and install.
  2.4 the software does not contain any aimed at undermining the user data and get the user privacy information of malicious code, does not contain any monitoring, monitoring the function of the user's computer code, not collect users' personal information such as files, documents, will not leak user privacy.
  2.5 users should obey the law and this agreement under the premise of the use of this software. The user has no right to implement including but not limited to the following actions:
  2.5.1 May not delete or change the software on all of the right management of electronic information;
  2.5.2 May not be deliberately avoid or destroy this software copyright shall be protected by the human and technical measures;
  2.5.3 users may not use this software to mislead, deceive people;
  2.5.4 in violation of state provisions on computer information system function, delete, modify, add, interference caused by computer information system can not run normally,
  2.5.5 without permission to enter the computer information network or using the computer information network resources
  2.5.6 without permission to delete, modify, or computer information networks function increase;
  2.5.7 without permission of computer information networks in the storage, processing or transmission of data and application to delete, modify, or increased;
  2.5.8 destroy the normal operation of the software system or site, intentionally spread computer viruses and other destructive procedures;
  2.5.9 any harm to the computer information network security.
  2.6 for from the Tince specified site to download the software products as well as from the day of issue on the medium of the software product, Tince there is no guarantee that the software is a computer virus infection, whether hidden in disguise of Trojan horse program or hacker software, the use of such software, could lead to unpredictable risks, recommend that users don't download, install, use, all Tince do not assume any of the resulting legal responsibility.
  2.7 any services provided via offline box upload, publish, transmit, store, documents, pictures, music, video, an application or other information (hereinafter referred to as the "content"), whether public or private transport, shall be borne by the uploader. Users need to be independent of their liable for the implementation in this web site.
  2.8 users upload, publish, transmit, store any offline box content shall comply with the current national laws, regulations, rules, and shall not include the following contents:
  2.8.1 reactionary, pornography, violence, and other countries are prohibited by laws and administrative rules and regulations of information;
  2.8.2 false, harassing, abusive, threatening, harmful, aggressive and vulgar information;
  2.8.3 infringe any third party's patent, copyright, trademark, copyright, reputation, or any other lawful rights and interests of information.
  2.9 days I stored in the offline content in the box to users without any active review, workers can't view the users to store any content, but through the cloud services for the users distribution, transmission, sharing, the content of the Tince have the right to according to the relevant national laws and regulations and other rules of this agreement, to make the necessary supervision and examination. Such as users in the use of offline box in violation of the provisions of any of the above, the Tince shall have the right to require the user to correct or directly to take all necessary measures (including but not limited to change or delete users to upload and publish content, suspend or terminate the user's right to use offline box services) to alleviate the impact of user behavior.
  2.10 if the user in the offline reactionary box upload, publish, transmit, store, pornography, violence, and other countries are prohibited by laws and administrative regulations, and the content of the information, offline box system records may be as a user in violation of the law of evidence. For users in offline box to upload, post, transmit, store, the above content to put in a claim to any third party or a derivative of any damage or loss, by the users to take full responsibility.
  2.11 users should guarantee the release in the offline box, transmit content has complete intellectual property rights, such as the department of the third party, the user shall be approved by the third party or third party permission but shall have the right to use third party legal work. Except as otherwise provided in laws and regulations, not all third party works prior permission, the user works using a third party in any way. If you work all Tince receive any third party or his legal representative, after reasonable notice issued to Tince Tince have the right to remove infringing works accordingly.
  2.11 the right of privacy protection
  2.11.1 use offline box products require user login account information submitted offline box. Offline box only use this information to do the service access validation will not do for any other purposes. Offline joint box may be other products of the company or other third party sites provide certain services offline box.
  2.11.2 Tince made a strict user upload information processing rules and safety protection measures to ensure that is not beyond the purpose and scope to collect user information, ensure the safety of the users to upload information, ensure that users upload the information not being abused. Tince promise not to public or to third parties provide user registration information and the non-public content stored in the offline box users, unless you have the following problem:
  (1) the relevant legal provisions or Tince legal services program;
  (2) in case of an emergency, to safeguard the rights and interests of users and the public;
  (3) for maintenance day minister of trademarks, patents and any other lawful rights and interests;
  (4) other needs to open, edit, or disclose personal information in accordance with the law.
  3 scope of
  Download, install and use 3.1: this service is a free service, users can non-commercial, unlimited number to download, install and use the service.
  Reproduction, distribution and transmission 3.2: users can non-commercial, unlimited number of reproduction, distribution and transmission this service of software products. But must ensure that each a reproduction, distribution and transmission is complete and true, including all the software about the service software products, electronic documents, copyright and trademark, also included in this agreement.
  4 rights restrictions
  4.1 it is prohibited to Reverse Engineer, Reverse compile and assemble: users may not be on software products for Reverse engineering service (Reverse Engineer), Reverse compile, Decompile or Reverse assemble, Disassemble and at the same time can not change any internal resources of the compile the program file. In addition to the law and regulations allow the above activities, users must comply with the limits of this agreement.
  4.2 components division: this service is as a single product and has been granted permission to use, the user shall separate parts to be used for any purpose.
  4.3 individual authorization: if you need to commercial sales, copy, distribute, including but not limited to, software sales, pre-installed, bundling, etc., must be the Tince written authorization and permission.
  Reserves the right to 4.4: other rights not expressly authorized in this agreement is still the bucket all, users must get days when using other rights minister's written consent.
  5. Disclaimer and limitation of liability
  5.1 user confirmation, its aware of all the software function and day minister of each function to realize the software necessary operation, its according to their own needs voluntarily choose to use this software and related services, due to the use of this software and related services all the risks and consequences will be fully borne by their own, Tince does not undertake any responsibility.
  5.2 the software after detailed test, but does not guarantee and is fully compatible with all hardware and software system, can guarantee the software no error at all. If an incompatible and software error, the user can call technical support to report day, get technical support. If you can't solve the problem of compatibility, the user can remove the software.
  5.3 the use of the software product risk shall be borne by the user, within the scope of the applicable laws allow maximum, to damage because of the use or not use this software and risk, including but not limited to, directly or indirectly to the personal injury, loss of business profit, disruption to trade, loss of business information, or any other economic loss Tince does not undertake any responsibility.
  5.4 offline box does not guarantee that must be suitable for the user's requirements and expectations. Does not guarantee that without interference or malicious attacks; Not timely, safe and reliable to ensure the quality of service or not an error.
  5. 5 due to failure of telecom system or the Internet network, computer or virus, information damage or loss, the computer system problems or any other force majeure causes resulting losses, Tince does not undertake any responsibility.
  5.6 users in violation of the provisions of this agreement, to Tince company damage. Tince have the right to take including but not limited to cancel the user account, interrupt licensing, stop providing services, shall be investigated for measures such as restrictions on the use and legal.
  6. Other terms
  6.1 the interpretation of this agreement the bucket all princes.
  6.2 of this agreement shall become effective once released, the Tince have the right to modify the content of the agreement at any time, the modified results in offline box service web site. If you do not agree to the terms of offline box services related to this agreement changes, the user shall have the right to stop using web services. If users continue to use the network services, receive day minister terms relating to this agreement as a user changes.
  6.3 offline box services under this agreement for all user notification can be announcements over the web, E-mail, SMS, or in the form of regular mail delivery and; Any such notice as to the date of dispatch has been delivered to the recipient.
  6.4 of this agreement to conclude, execution, and explain and solve the dispute shall be applicable Chinese law and be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of China. This agreement is constructed and its execution has any dispute, should be amicably settled through negotiation. If consultation fails, any party can to the minister of local people court to lodge a complaint.
  6.5 this agreement constitutes the agreement of both parties to this agreement, and other related matters of the entire agreement, in addition to the provisions of this agreement, this agreement the parties to the other rights granted.
  If any provision of this agreement whether fully or partially invalid or for what reason do not have executive power, the remaining provisions of this agreement shall still be valid and binding.
  Zhangzhou Tince network technology co., LTD
  In March 2016,



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